Exterior Painting Services: Residential, Institutional, Commercial, Exterior by Delta Painting LLC, Portland OR

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We perform work in Oregon & Washington. For your business, we can accommodate to your schedule.

Tips & Tricks
Foam Brushes & Rollers

Foam brushes come in many widths, are inexpensive, and are great for small jobs or touch-ups. Foam paint rollers work well, don't spatter the paint, and are easy to use when you want a really smooth wall. Don't try them on rough surfaces, though, as they will not hold up.


Exterior Services

Protective Coatings:
  1. Elastameric weatherproof sealant
  2. Masonry sealing

Special Coatings:
  1. Industrial Epoxy Coatings
  2. Urethanes
  3. Floor covering
  4. Stains
  5. Black filler

Apartment Complex:
  1. Custom Home FinishesSurface Preparation
  2. Pressure Washing
  3. Mechanical and hand tooling
  4. Floor covering

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